Coding Fun Html ZIM Docs – SVGContainer and SVG for #HTML #Canvas #JavaScript, #CreateJS, #ZIMjs

ZIM Docs – SVGContainer and SVG for #HTML #Canvas #JavaScript, #CreateJS, #ZIMjs

ZIM Docs help for Stage
ZIM at is a magical way to code on the HTML Canvas. ZIM is free, fun, friendly and very powerful – great for learning code as well as convenient for professionals with customizable components and controls.

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1 thought on “ZIM Docs – SVGContainer and SVG for #HTML #Canvas #JavaScript, #CreateJS, #ZIMjs”

  1. Foo bar says:

    Hello dan, I was wondering if that svg container binds into the DOM as svg or is it imported into the canvas.
    How is it internally handled ?
    Also that may not be the good place to ask, for my project Im looking for the widest compatibility possible,I was wondering how ZIM handles accessibility.

    I am also thinking about people with "noscript" activated, and that raises complicated questions about how to use ZIM and still be able to have some html for the "pertinent" data to still be accessible.
    Of course you can tell me to look at the source and the doc, that is what I do but I need to spare some time for other aspects of my project so I am looking and learning progressively.

    Also zim is really complete and it will take me a bunch of time.
    It is not a problem though, that is some time that I'll enjoy spending.
    To finish and to aknowledge the fact that I made a made my comment to long again, I woud like to say that I following your work from a distance for some time now.
    I am really interested and inspired by what you do particularly about NODISM in wich shares many of my ideas about how stuff works (or should work ?) in general.
    I looks like you're enjoying what yout do and so do I, I wish you a lot of things (it looks better for me that just wishing the best) and i'll leave you with my salutations.


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