Coding Fun Java Zabbix Java Gateway Installation With Tomcat Monitoring

Zabbix Java Gateway Installation With Tomcat Monitoring

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Full step by step tutorial to install Zabbix Java Gateway, configure it with your Zabbix server and add Tomcat monitoring.

Promised JAVA_OPTS line that must be added to Tomcat config file located in /etc/tomcat/tomcat.conf


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12 thoughts on “Zabbix Java Gateway Installation With Tomcat Monitoring”

  1. pakshith33 says:

    Hi i don't find tomcat.conf file in the path specified in the video so where else is the better option to add java_opts variable and also i am trying monitor tomcat on remote linux host.

  2. Mati3City says:

    yum install tomcat – doesn't work 🙁 You are using some specific repo or something?

  3. Very very good and detailed video. Thanks Dmitry.

  4. Emil says:

    Hello Dmitry,

    Can you please let me know how to monitor apache solr using zabbix and the configurations

  5. Hello Dmitry! Thanks for your nice tutorial. I have a question here. I need to monitor a Tomcat application running on Windows Server. Should I need to install the Gateway Java on Windows? Or on the host of Zabbix?

  6. Hi. thanks for the detailed video, I followed your steps its work perfectly to the local host. I want to monitor different IP VM installed tomcat could you please advice how to do it Thanks

  7. bao nhien says:

    Hello Sir!
    This tutorial is great! I can do this in one host tomcat, but i want to do in mutil host (3,4,…) and this problem is in zabbix_server.conf only accept 1 JavaGateway.
    Now I need to configure multiple hosts for JMX monitoring, but none describes setup for multiple hosts.
    I don't know, did zabbix 4.0 support this? Please answer my question! Appreciate it!
    Thank you!

  8. Mohd Arif says:

    I have added the Glassfish server Monitoring in zabbix without security. As soon as i enable security zabbix server monitoring will faill. is their any option i can add in zabbix java gateway to make it work with encrypted JMX port?

  9. Arun Kumar says:

    Hi , How to monitor the tomcat running as a pod inside Openshift

  10. Kapil Pahwa says:

    Hi, Is there any way to write a code in java for smtp traps that will check for any error produced in a software project with API and notify? please provide me a link. Thanks in advance.

  11. Hi Dear,
    1) can zabbix java gateway monitor everything that javamelody can?
    2) Would you please either make a video on how to create items to monitor various java parameters? Otherwise can you provide me a link to such details.

  12. Mitul FG says:

    Man you made my day. You made an excellent choice by choosing zabbix as your content. This zabbix videos gonna help a lot to many peoples like me. I like it. Please don't stop making more videos like this on zabbix. And yes I am looking for that notification related video of yours, I hope you'll make it soon…

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