Coding Fun Html XHTML/CSS Tutorial #1 Notepad++ and Basic Tags

XHTML/CSS Tutorial #1 Notepad++ and Basic Tags

Starting out with simple HTML tags.

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11 thoughts on “XHTML/CSS Tutorial #1 Notepad++ and Basic Tags”

  1. When your in school enter shutdown_i to shut down all computers in your class enter net view to see allcomputers and what they are doing

  2. Marc Cobos says:

    Excellent tutorial,, it was very easy and you explained very good.
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  3. Kasparas M says:

    Super tutorial! 🙂

  4. MrLubban says:

    Very good tutorial!

  5. simplyJT27 says:

    every time I try to save a test .htm file in notepad++, it keeps telling me I don't have permission to save…

  6. Eli Nelson says:

    @Mertt03 mate if u dont type !doctype html then its not going to secure it will save a normal html file …. which is not valid now a days ……

  7. Chris Wright says:

    Thanks nothing i didn't know but solidifide it in my mind, gonna check out your other videos and might subscribe if i like what i see.

  8. Kinda funny using notepad++ on os x. Text mate is a revolutionary editor in os x.

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