Coding Fun Java Why Text Editors are Better than IDE's

Why Text Editors are Better than IDE's

Text editors vs IDE’s in 2019. It really only matters on what you like using better.

Text editors vs IDE C++, and text editor vs IDE for Java , Python, JavaScript, Php, nodejs, C, C#, Assembly, HTML5, JavaScript, you name it. And also ide vs text editor for beginners

Integrated Development Environments(IDE) like Microsoft Visual Studio, Code::Blocks, Eclipse, and the such, are all IDE’s. They are functional, and get the job done, but sometimes in a very non-intuitive way.

Text editors…

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8 thoughts on “Why Text Editors are Better than IDE's”

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  2. Rocket FX says:

    IDE's are often bloated, but there are some features like auto completion or debugging on the fly that are not really available for text editors. I try to use atom with extensions, but it's just a mess that won't work

  3. Ryan McGill says:

    I disagree on the pragma usage xD.
    I don't have a good reason… >.>

  4. I would imagine that you would put debug and developer related code in the Debug build and not in the Release because the average user getting the Release build wouldn't need to see or have all that crazy debugging/developer-related code. It would allow a smaller Release build with less unneeded code.

  5. Surekha C B says:

    which keyboard do you use

  6. Proprietary does not really mean you HAVE to buy it. It just means it "belongs" to somebody. Generally speaking it refers to closed source software, which basically means the proprietor controls said software, where in open source it means the community have the ability to change whatever they see fit.

  7. Totally on your side man. Sublime is way better than those IDEs. I used to use CodeBlocks before I came to know about Sublime. Most of its functionality is never used, and it ends up slowing you down. But Sublime is nice and quick. Me likey! 🙂

  8. Ivan Ljujic says:

    I had no clue there was a wizard for making classes in Code blocks, I might actually use that stuff.

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