Coding Fun Java webservice server and client in java using netbeans IDE

webservice server and client in java using netbeans IDE

introduction to web services server and client construction in Java Net Beans IDE

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9 thoughts on “webservice server and client in java using netbeans IDE”

  1. Tom Colgan says:

    whats that racket in the background

  2. Vito Lopes says:

    there is a weird noise at the background

  3. Abdul Mateen says:

    if anyone want to get it in json format as compare to xml file then what is the procedure ? thanks

  4. SOKOLEK says:

    Music in the background makes this tutorial more difficult to listen.

  5. DanuraJay says:

    Clear and to the point! Thank you very much!

  6. i have a problem, when i create
    final MyWebService porxy= service.getMywebServicePort(); all appears with error.
    idk how fix it.

  7. hey
    i'm already tried to (clean and build) also (deploy)
    i get some trouble, when i test service notification would be like this "make sure the service has been deployed successfully, and the server is running"
    im using glassfish, netbeans 7.4, jdk1.8
    thanks for any help

  8. Ro Hith says:

    Would have been better without the background music. Anyways Thanks.

  9. Thanks bro. you save my life xD

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