Coding Fun Html Web Development Tutorial | HTML, CSS, JS Crash Course (Part 1) – Colt Steele

Web Development Tutorial | HTML, CSS, JS Crash Course (Part 1) – Colt Steele

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Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in this 4-part crash course for beginners. Are you curious about web development, but not sure where to start? Want to make your own websites? Should you learn JavaScript first? Or is it better to start with HTML? It…

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30 thoughts on “Web Development Tutorial | HTML, CSS, JS Crash Course (Part 1) – Colt Steele”

  1. Udemy Tech says:

    For more from Colt, Like this video, and share what you want to learn in the comments.

  2. Xtylist DP says:

    It's available in hindi language

  3. i am a huge fan of the colbert show.

  4. Wenyang Qian says:

    I had completed two of his courses on Udemy (Web development bootcamp, mysql). Both are excellent. Highly recommend this instructor.

  5. Thank you brother. Good tutorials.

  6. This was actually a really good video, simple and informative.

  7. Remember when people didn't get offended ? Or if they did, it wasn't such a big deal??

  8. Da Daniel says:

    I'm pretty sure YouTube uses python tho

  9. I want to thank Mr. Colt Steele your videos are just great you save me a lot of time and effort, thank you very much.

  10. Na No says:

    "HOLY TRINITY" IS OFFENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Colt, What happened to Blue??

  12. how many time take to learn this course plz reply

  13. hello any one can learn this course

  14. mradul khale says:

    thnxx sir.. india ☺

  15. Saurabh Goel says:

    Colt is the best teacher of the world . His online course on Udemy is superb !!! I have learnt a lot from there and still learning .

  16. Shall i get code pen for offline or some thing related to it colt

  17. AlyK says:

    One of the great tutorial.

  18. Will you please share
    Codes which you tried in this video

  19. Son Of Troy says:

    Dude, when your new to web development or coding they won’t know that the markup you showed is form a framework and most of that will not actually be coded but rather transferred; I must say, showing that will scare all of ppl that are new unless it’s throughly explained, other than that it’s still a great tutorial and thanks for the content, you got a thumbs up from me

  20. This was so helpful. I didnt even know I was coding since forever. I remember making my friends custom MySpace pages all the time. I would add scrolling pictures, hidden comments, changing backgrounds etc.

  21. nikhil Patil says:

    I'm software engineer ..but nobody teach me as good as you..

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