Coding Fun Html Varsity Volleyball Team Tryout Tips & Tricks

Varsity Volleyball Team Tryout Tips & Tricks

How to make your varsity volleyball team , Volleyball Tryout Tips

5-1 Volleyball Play:

4-2 Volleyball Play:

Numbers on the court:

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45 thoughts on “Varsity Volleyball Team Tryout Tips & Tricks”

  1. My tryouts are on Wednesday, and it’s my first ever one

  2. pabstjac000 says:

    im a freshman and i double rostered for jv and varsity this year, should i go for varsity in the fall or jus keep it at jv?

  3. High school tryouts are in a month😬 I was on varsity in middle school and since the season is over we have a break and I have been practicing hard core! Hopefully I will be good for the team🤞🏼

  4. I go to a private school, and I am in seventh grade it and made it to varsity by the way my school goes up to 12 grade

  5. the coaches only remember me because my feet are weird as in I stand on my tippy toes and my name is unique

  6. Ava Thomas says:

    a 4 2 is 4 hitters and 2 setters and a 5 1 is 5 hitters and 1 setter

  7. paige jordan says:

    I made the junior varsity last year, but now that all the 8th graders are gone (I’m in 7th) I will hopefully make the team😂

  8. My volleyball tryouts are tomorrow! I am so scared!

  9. I honestly don't fully like my team my whole team blamed for a girl that said mine quietly and I heard her so I backed up to let her get it and she didn't go after it so the team blamed me and yelled at me and so did the girl that said mine since I was so stressed out I messed up my serves😥 I'm new to volleyball and the team the whole team has played volleyball and been on the same team since they were 8 so they believed her instead of me

  10. Athe Aceves says:

    I got tryouts next monday 😬

  11. Rocko17 says:

    Libero please thank you

  12. I feel worried I really want to join in the sport because it looks fun but I have no experience so I’m worried

  13. My tryout are tmr so nervous

  14. Does it count if my hair is purple??😹

  15. Valerie G says:

    I just made Varsity and i have got to say, this video is very accurate and helps quite a bit. Don't put yourself down, cheer for everyone and call the cheer at the end. Good Luck ladies!!!

  16. Ana Rocha says:

    This video legit just saved my life. I'm trying out for volleyball for the 1st time in a month, and i'm trying to do my research so i don't seem clueless. This video was extremely helpful

  17. Batgirl P says:

    You are so pretty!

  18. I try not to be a ball hog but people on my old team would just stand and stare at the ball and not move!

  19. LOL ima be a sophomore and I just got ACL surgery so I can’t play my last jv year and I couldn’t play freshman year because I had a concussion (taekwondo is the reason I’m always getting hurt smh but that’s my favorite sport other than volleyball). Let’s see if I make the team junior year🤦🏽‍♀️

  20. Mc. Chicken says:

    First day out of 3 day tryouts 😬 I hope I make it

  21. Jessapphire says:

    I don't have any equipment to try out with. What do I do?

  22. Kelsey Smith says:

    You remind me of leek jack y'all should datee

  23. Esmeralda says:

    I'm an 8th greater trying out for high school volleyball next year. I know for a fact I'll be going to open gym,in summer, ANY chance I get, so i can practice before tryouts. I'm asking my P.E. Teacher for help on whatever she can coach me on. But the thing is that I'm hesitating bc I won't know anyone there and I'll feel uncomfortable. Do you have any advise for that?

  24. I’ve always wanted to play volley ball we play it in gym and I’m not that bad but I’m just scared 😟

  25. David Xue says:

    I am a dude and im here watching this xD, even tho my try out is in 2 weeks, our coach told us she is gona cut a lot of seniors this year, and i AM nervous!!

  26. I have tryouts in march lol

  27. you should be a volleyball coach your really good at teaching it helped me !!!!

  28. Sid says:

    first time ive ever heard someone pronounce libero like that!

  29. Hana M. says:

    I play club volleyball.Today is school volleyball tryouts.Wish me luck!P.S.Love your videos

  30. Thanks Russia my second tryouts are on Tuesday and I'm so nervous, idk if I'll make it, this helped me so much you are awesome.

  31. I think it's important to know all the positions if your trying out for the first time

  32. Poiku says:

    I have my tryouts today and I missed one year than all my other team wish me luck :O

    Edit: I didn't get in the best team…. BUT NEXT YEAR IMMA SHOW THEM WHOS DA BEST!

  33. I don't know what to do and Im on a team. (Im in 5th grade)

  34. Thank you sooo much volleyball tryouts are tommorow i practiced but im soo scaredd

  35. Vayla Reese says:

    What potion in volley do you all play I am wondering I am a setter

  36. Vayla Reese says:

    I am trying out for my local travel team🏐🏐🏐

  37. My tryouts are tomarrow

  38. I'm going for my third year for my school team and I'm really aiming to be a captain….tips?

  39. hinazuki says:

    what's the difference between club and other teams?

  40. Meg Kucera says:

    My whole district is expecting me to make varsity as a freshmen next year and it's nerve racking😕

  41. my try outs are today !! 😭😭 wish me luck . 😅😅

  42. my tryouts are on the 21st i've been going to clinics and open gyms. this video helps a lot ! i will keep these tips in mind

  43. Mamas says:

    This is soooooo helpful. I have tryouts in a little less than 3 weeks and I'm really nervous because I'm new to the sport. Thank you💜

  44. Toy ._. Yoda says:

    can you do a video on back row defensive position?? thats what my coach wants me to play…. im completely fine with that but i want know if im leaving any information out

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