Coding Fun Java Using the Eclipse Java IDE with LibGDX

Using the Eclipse Java IDE with LibGDX

This tutorial looks at using the popular Eclipse Java IDE to run and debug LibGDX games. It starts with the installation process, then walks through how to configure the IDE (installing the Android, Gwt and Gradle plugins), then run a Desktop, Android as well as HTML gradle project.

This tutorial assumes you have already configured a Java and Android development environment. If you haven’t, be sure to watch this video first ( ). If you prefer…

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14 thoughts on “Using the Eclipse Java IDE with LibGDX”

  1. Hello, Thanks for the tutorial. In present days do you recommend using Android Studio or Eclipse for Android port of LibGDX games? I am fed up setting up eclipse and the Android SDK. Not able to build even after trying 4 hours. I think compatibility of various tools is the problem.

  2. Thanks for this tutorial . I personally suggest, use android studio for libgdx cross platform game development. It will be helpful to run the project on web, android or desktop .

  3. Even author itself fails to setup it properly. Why this kind of mess amongst game libraries?

  4. Ziad Mabrouk says:

    Can you help when I press generate it says "Invalid package name"

  5. I dont want to publish it but i just installed gradle projesct and i did everything i improted did things with libgdx and when i make grandles they dont appear what to do??

  6. can anybody help me, my game crashes whenever it is run in an emulator or android device, but it is okay on desktop. no error occur so i cant find what is wrong

  7. @MichaelB, I cant reply to your comment for some reason.  

    That said, the issue is you need to install the Android 19 SDK using the SDK manager.
    Go to Windows -> Android SDK Manager Install the Android API Level 19.
    Then go to properties of your project, locate Android and set it to android 19.  Your error should then go away.

  8. Bender says:

    Thank you very much for these great UPDATED tutorial 😉

    I've got a problem tho.. I get these errors, what is the problem? And what to do? I created all similar files same name, directory and so on..

    Check link for screenshot!

    Once again, thank you very much! You are great!

  9. If you get this error while installing Google Plugins "An error occurred during the org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.CheckTrust phase.", you can fix that by closing eclipse and deleting artifacts.xml file in Eclipse root directory. 

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