Coding Fun Html Tutorial 2 – Header Banner – HTML / CSS

Tutorial 2 – Header Banner – HTML / CSS

A quick tutorial on how to further develop the nav bar created in the previous tutorial, and how to create a header banner using an image.

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22 thoughts on “Tutorial 2 – Header Banner – HTML / CSS”

  1. Hi Tom. Thanks for your video.!!..You can do the same size but wit a video??? there posivel??

  2. Joey Coletta says:

    Where did you get that image of the mountains id love to use it for my school project.

  3. Hateem Ahmed says:

    anyone tell me why we use html instead of photoshop for designing web banner

  4. The height won't change even when i do height: 50%

  5. banner is not resizeing? i did exactly same… can u help me

  6. Hello! I tried this but the banner is still too big! How can I reduce the height of the banner?

  7. Absolutely perfect clever tutorial…

  8. Nori Pavani says:

    does any know how to add subtitle below the LOGO??? since the logo is floated to left when i add subtitle the subtitle is not coming below the logo what to do?? any ideas??

  9. How do you make a copyright sign to be displayed at the bottom of your page at the center? I tried using the id tag but it doesn't pick it up in css… Everything is going smoothly but I can't get my banner to resize. It doesn't work

  10. Eva B says:

    Thank you! This was very helpful!

  11. how the picture height reduced without using height property and how it changed using block property??
    please help

  12. Fai rus says:

    I got a question, how to place texts on the banner

  13. Macky127 says:

    mine doesn't work my banner so big and the nav is scrambled

  14. Is there code for the tutorials ?

  15. Tranculent says:

    Hey! As I am doing the banner, it is perfectly fine for let's say on tablet devices, the image is greatly positioned-everything is fine. But.. when I open the exact same code in large desktop(my pc) the image takes up the twice the long space. In one word, when I change the device look, it messes up! Where am I wrong?

  16. I know this is late but I love your vids, really helpful!

  17. My navbar has a gap of a few pixels between it and the background. I can't figure out what the problem is — I believe I've copied your code word for word and it's driving me insane.

  18. Josh collins says:

    How do you choose the right image? I'm thinking about width:height ratio and responsiveness. Choosing the right image is an an area that I'm struggling to get my head around

  19. My banner doesn't appear. What can I do?

  20. iqra rani says:

    how to make it responsive

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