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How to Convert Excel to XML online?

Table Convert Online: A powerful online table editor that converts between CSV, HTML and Markdown. Easy to convert html tables to SQL, JSON, XML and Text, Makes it easier to work with tables.

How to create Tables in HTML | class X Board Exam | Table Tag and its Attributes

This video is prepared By Chandni Agarwal for Class X students appearing for board exam for the subject – Foundation of Information Technology (code 165) . In this video expert tips are given to create tables in HTML using easy method. The exam pattern is changed from this year and theory exam will be of […]

How to use online XML/HTML validation tools

In this video Prof. Patterson describes the process of using online XML and HTML validation tools. These tools help to make sure that text files meet the requirements of well-formed XML and HTML syntax. Checking your files with tools like these avoid lots of hard to debug problems in web applications. This video was filmed […]

HTML – Head Tags

In This MicroTechTutorial, I will be coninueing my HTML series. In this video I talk about tags that belong between the head tag. This includes linking to other files such as stylesheets, favicons, as well as rss feeds.