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Android Studio Tutorials – Working with SQLite

Follow Android Tutorial series explained in easy steps to become an Android App developer. C++ tutorial: Java tutorial: #Androidtutorial #AndroidStudio Learn SQL: Python Tutorial:

Download & Install Java Eclipse 4.7 New 2017 100% working

Java Eclipse Oxygen, it always helps you to stay updated with Java Eclipse. It is the recent addition in Java Eclipse. Download Java Eclipse oxygen: 1. (google drive) 2. to avoid any difficulty use google drive link. or download which version you want, But using Eclipse Oxygen helps you much more. sometimes Eclipse website is…

AWESOME WORKING binary clock using HTML, CSS & JQUERY!

A really cool binary clock using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It‘s fully reusable and has no compatibility problems like z-index, overflow or background-color. You can decide on your website! NOTE: At 4:22 I change the second hour-tens id to h20. This is NECESSARY and it won‘t work or position well until you change it.  I […]

Working With Android Audio Video Using MediaPlayer class KOTLIN

In this article, we will discuss how to use MediaPlayer Class. EIDK App Demo: Working With Audio Video Article Link:

Write games in Kotlin to learn how to code. Part 2. Working with gradle projects in IDEA.

Learn to code by writing games. Kotlin is a modern language you can use to write Java applications. This video shows how to use IntelliJ IDEA to work with gradle projects.