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HTML Website Builder | Hide A Page From Your Menu

Create your own free html website using Wix.com! Learn how to hide a page from your menu in the HTML editor. You can build your site with click, drag and drop. Save money designing your own website using Wix.com and get your business online today! Click the link below to sign up for free!

Kotlin Morning@Lohika. Part 1

Presentation – This talk will introduce you modern programming language Kotlin. If you’re a Java developer for some years and you’re fed up with NPE, Checked Exceptions, casts and many other things that make you mad and thinking of becoming a farmer, this talk is for you. Find out that Kotlin is a great solution […]

How to add Custom HTML in WIX | Google Adsense |

Steps showing how to add Custom HTML like Google Ads to your Website built using WIX. My Camera(Panasonic G7) : My Tripod(Manfrotto) : My editing Machine (MacBook Pro) : My Dell Monitor : My Wireless Keyboard & Mouse : My On-Camera Microphone (RODE) : My Smartphone Microphone : My Microphone for Voice-Over :…

Rediscovering gRPC with Kotlin coroutines by Marharyta Nedzelska

Microservice architecture is now a huge trend. All big organizations with millions of users are doing microservices… Details: Speaker: Marharyta Nedzelska Software Engineer @ Wix.

Kotlin Coroutines in Practice by Sergey Zolotov

Kotlin coroutines are a hot topic and were released this year. We use them in our projects on backend. In this talk I will show you how to use it in real back-end based applications, common patterns and problems you could face… Details : Speaker: Sergey Zolotov Software Engineer @ PartsTech.