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kotlin Saving image to storage in android 2018

This is the kotlin tutorial video for android applications. In this video you can find how to save an image to internal storage and if you have any query or doubt let me know in the comment section i will try to resolve it asap. And don’t forgot to like this video and subscribe to […]

First Stand-alone App on Kotlin

Understanding the basic structure to create own app and knowing the possiblities to which language and simple basic code shown can be extended. Running app highly depends on your SDK which may differ according to your system and INTELLIJ IDE version.

Zero to App: Live coding a Firebase app in JavaScript, Kotlin, and Swift (Google I/O '17)

What do engineers do when they get a bigger screen? They put more content on it. So what happens when you put a bunch of Firebase engineers on the biggest stage at I/O? Exactly! Come see what the Zero-to-App team has come up with this year for their live-coding spectacular. Using Firebase, we will show […]

Life is Great and Everything Will Be Ok, Kotlin is Here (Google I/O '17)

Using Kotlin for Android development has grown in popularity over the past few years and is now officially supported by Google. If you are not already using Kotlin you might be wondering why and how to adopt it. In the first part of this talk, Jake will cover advancing the usage and design patterns of […]