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Warning ! First watch this Java sucess vs c++ failure ! one Format to explain everything.

Welcome to Prime Programming in this video we will see the why C++ is Failed and Why Java is Sucess. c++ 1.C++ is platform-dependent. 2.C++ is mainly used for system programming. 3.C++ supports multiple inheritance. 4.C++ supports pointers. You can write pointer program in C++. C++ Produce Output Only in Same Operating System. C++ is […]

[PL/ENG Sub] Minecraft Windows 10 Java Problem 2017 Solved

Cześć! Pomogłem? Zostaw komentarz! To wklej po spacji: –workDir %ProgramData%.minecraft Tu znalazłem ten sposób (Method #1): Dzięki!

Creating Logger for our Framework [Advanced Appium Tutorial – 8][Java]

In this Appium Automation Tutorial Series we will learn how to create Mobile Automation Framework for Android platform. I will show and explain step by step, class by class, how to implement all of the layers in this Automation Framework for Android. This framework will not address automation on iOS platform. By the end of […]