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most useful property and methods of java script hosted by wap institute powered by sweetus media

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WAP in JAVA to Check Whether Given Number is Prime or Not

Learn how to write a program quickly in JAVA language to check whether an entered number on the screen is prime or not. Write a Program to Check Whether A Number is Prime or Not in Java. Write a program How to get prime numbers in java, WAP as How to check a given number […]

C++ WAP on Arithmatical Operators

Programme on Arithmetic Operators in C++ (With Prompting Values) Contact me for more programmes in C / C++, Java, MS Office, Tally etc. comment here or logon to my website

W.A.P. to check given number is Armstrong Number or not in java By Umesh Upadhyay

Java interview programs:- At this youtube channel can learn technical Interview Questions.