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HTML lesson:10.02 (part-2) html colors value theory briefly explained in Telugu

Welcome to my Channel. Lesson 10.02 (part-2): html colors value in Telugu. It’s a brief note on HTML colors value theory briefly explained in Telugu. Important lesson theory* (Color value-ii) lesson:10.02 (part-1): (Color value-ii) lesson:10.02 (part-2) : List of Lessons Introduction: (Editors) lesson 1: (Elements)lesson 2:…

Custom Prompt Box Programming JavaScript CSS HTML Tutorial

Lesson Code: Learn to create custom prompt boxes to replace the default prompt dialog box in JavaScript. See the custom alert box programming tutorial for in depth explanations about the structure of the code used in this tutorial. Click the link below to read the article about using bracket notation to allow functions to be […]

HTML Tutorials: HTML control / input types

HTML input types are the various fields that are used to take the input from the end user of the website in the form of a “HTML Form”. In this tutorial, we will talk about how to create such html input types To help us make more such videos, like or share them with your […]

14.11 HashMap and HashTable in Java

Complete Java Tutorial : HashMap and HashTable both implements Map interface. HashTable is synchronized and HashMap is not synchronized. HashMap is faster than HashTable. HashMap, LinkedHashMap, TreeHashMap, HashTable implements Map Interface Recommend Books : 1. Head First Java : 2. Java Complete Reference : Editing Monitors : Editing Laptop…

Custom Alert Box Programming JavaScript CSS HTML Tutorial

Lesson Code: JavaScript comes equipped with stock dialog boxes that work well enough for alerting, confirming, and prompting for values. But most of the top interactive websites create their own custom dialog windows. Creating these windows yourself gives you more control over the interaction with the user, and allows you to customize every single aspect […]