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How to use ordered and unordered list in html

how to use ordered and unordered list in html HTML lists are used to present list of information in well-formed and semantic way. There are three different types of list in HTML and each one has a specific purpose and meaning: Unordered list — Used to group a set of related items, in no particular […]

HTML and CSS Tutorial for Beginners – 12 – Unordered Lists

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HTML Tutorial, Ordered And Unordered List

This video help you to learn how we can use ordered and unordered lists in HTML and How we can use CSS in HTML. Give your feedback in comments. Thanks.

HTML Unordered List ul Tag Tutorial – L2Code HTML (create a bulleted list in HTML)

Learn how to make an unordered list with the ul tag. Presented by Skyler using the L2Code HTML app which is available on the app store:

PART 06 Adding the HTML Content Adding h2 tags, unordered lists and tables with class headings

Back to the index.html to start adding Content. We will put in H2 tags, unordered lists and a table. We will also look at a new tag called class tags.