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Scala Rock-Painting (Dmytro Mantula, Ukraine)

At the end of 2013, an online course “Functional Programming in Scala” by Martin Odersky caught buzz among my friends-java-developers. After graduating the course with honours, I have decided that I can easily cope with any Scala-based project. But the reality appeared not so colourful. In my lecture I’m going to show some pros and […]

Kotlin: lazy language for lazy people (Marharyta Nedzelska, Ukraine) [RU]

A few years ago you had to work hard to succeed in some fields. Nowadays you don’t need to work hard but to work smart. So this means that most of the time laziness (of course not extremely) is useful for our productivity. On the other hand, laziness is extremely important when you work with […]

Kotlin strives for Deep Learning (Izzet Mustafaiev, Ukraine) [RU]

AI is New Electricity and Deep Learning is one of key enablers for this, it breaks known limits of possible and disrupts vast areas of our modern life. From dev standpoint it sounds science-heavy and requires PhD in fact its not. Here I’m going to explain why in theory and practice with Kotlin. Kotlin is […]

Rediscovering gRPC with Kotlin coroutines by Marharyta Nedzelska

Microservice architecture is now a huge trend. All big organizations with millions of users are doing microservices… Details: Speaker: Marharyta Nedzelska Software Engineer @ Wix.

Kotlin Coroutines in Practice by Sergey Zolotov

Kotlin coroutines are a hot topic and were released this year. We use them in our projects on backend. In this talk I will show you how to use it in real back-end based applications, common patterns and problems you could face… Details : Speaker: Sergey Zolotov Software Engineer @ PartsTech.