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Using Kotlin with LibGDX and IntelliJ

This quick tutorial shows you the process of adding Kotlin code to an existing LibGDX project. There is a text based version available here: I intend to start a small but complete game in Kotlin using LibGDX just in time for the first ever LibGDX game. Also there is currently a Kotlin contest you may […]

Java Tutorial # 24 | Thread Safety and code synchronization in java | Multithreading in Java part 3

Thread Safety is very important factor when implementing multithreaded applications. Code Synchronization helps in preventing multiple threads to access same code at a given time. This tutorial explains how Code synchronization works and i have explained how Object Locks work with multiple threads. Download PPT and example : facebook: twitter:

Android Kotlin: Forecast App 04 – Abstracting Retrofit Network Calls – MVVM Tutorial Course

📗 Get the code from this tutorial 👇👇 Up until now we’ve created a Retrofit service to communicate with the weather API, we also created all of the pieces needed for a local database using the Room library. So, we basically have all of the data components of our app implemented, right? We can fetch […]

HTML Tutorial: Publishing Your Website

Watch more HTML Tutorials videos: Hi, I am Daniel Davis. I am a certified computer expert and tech guru. Along with having one of the top tech channels on youtube, my work has also been featured in textbooks, software guides, and hundreds of popular tech blogs. And today I am going to be talking to […]

Java Tutorial for Beginners | Full Course

1. How to use Eclipse – 03:50 2. Getting Started – 09:20 3. How Java Works – 14:16 4. Variable in Java – 15:46 5. Working with Variables – 20:30 6. Primitive Data Type in Java – 28:25 7. Naming Convention in Java – 34:25 8. Arithmetic Operators in Java – 41:33 9. If Else […]