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Top Programming Languages for BTech Freshers

In this video you will know best programming languages for freshers or BTech students. They are Python Java C++ JavaScript PHP C#


Top 5 Programming languages in 2019 to get a job in IT Industry as Software Developer Or Software Tester are : JavaScript, JAVA, Python, C/CPP, PHP To Get the details of all programming languages notes please mail me to ayeshatechie@gmail.com

03-Working with string and array in Kotlin

This video shows you how to work with characters, string and array in Kotlin programming language. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR MORE INTERESTING VIDEOS: Twitter: Facebook:

Java Programming In 2019 And Beyond

In this video, we look at how far Java as a programming language has come and where it is heading. Java has really improved and Java would be a top programming language in 2019. Unfortunately, a lot of developers are not aware of the power and features of modern Java. This video is to show […]

Top Best app For Learning Programming Languages For Beginners | Java | C++ | Phtyon | 2018

i will tell you about top best app for learning programming languages for beginners ,java , c++ , phtyon.if you are intersted in learningof programming languages then solo learn app is very useful for you.i give the brief introduction and practical part of slo learn app in thisvideo so its hel you in learning programing […]