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First time Kotlin gotchas – Jigar Brahmbhatt

Jigar gives a short talk on some issues he encountered when developing two Android apps in Kotlin.

Increase programmming typing speed using inbuilt tools(more than 30%) -Linux (Gedit)

Using the plugin of Gedit to effectively increase your typing speed in programming languages like c,c++,JAVA , PHP ,Python,XML etc.

Learn Kotlin with me – Class, constructors, dates & time

Follow me in my journey where I learn Kotlin programming language, screw up, make mistakes and incorporate feedback from my mentors. This exercise is called “Gigasecond” and it’s focused on writing a simple class, primary and secondary constructors for it, use class properties and operate with dates and datetimes. Some prior knowledge of programming is […]

C || Learn java code any time any where for beginners

Practice java code in your Mobile || Learn java code any time any where java code examples java programming for beginners java programming tutorial #javaprogramming tutorial #javaprogrammingtutorial

Haskell blogging time — reflex server side html rendering 1

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at