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07 Various Text formatting Tags in HTML | by Chitrank Dixit

The following video describes various text formatting tags in HTML. Here we have used elements as bold, italic, strike, font and title attribute. Google + Profile: https:–plus.google.com-u-0-113942220708315173370 Facebook Profile: https:–www.facebook.com-chitrank.dixit Twitter Profile: https:–twitter.com-Chitrankdixit Linedin Profile: http:–in.linkedin.com-pub-chitrank-dixit-55-5-32- Bitbucket Profile: https:–bitbucket.org-chitrank_dixit Github Profile:…

05 HTML Text Formatting Tags | Softwave IT Solutions | Naveen Saggam

05 HTML Text Formatting Tags | Softwave IT Solutions | Naveen Saggam Our Facebook Page : Our Website :

HTML Text Formatting and Image tags

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HTML Tutorial 5 – text formatting

This is a HTML tutorial, in this tutorial, you will learn about text formatting in HTML Like our tutorials, check out our website: You can also follow us on twitter and facebook: If you need any support or information, please contact info@b-raditech.com, we are always happy to help.

UWP App Code Sample: DataGrid with File List as Text, HTML Export to Clipboard, File.Properties

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