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Reading Data from config properties file

This course will help you in learning advanced techniques for testing web applications with Selenium RC API. #Selenium #Java #AutomationTesting The complete playlist is available here For more videos and articles please visit…

Looking for Selenium Automation testing training with Java programming?

If you are new in Selenium automation or changing the career from Manual testing/NON-IT to Automation testing and want to learn, but you have no idea what concepts or what frameworks need to know, then this video will help you to get the outlines of Selenium Automation testing with Java programming. Apart from the basics, […]

Automation Testing Best Approach: Java + Selenium + TestNG + Fest Assert

made with ezvid, free download at Using Selenium 2 Selenium WebDriver is a good automation engine. However we need a uni testing framework like TestNG and a fluent assertion library like Fest Assert

Selenium with Java 54 – Headless browsers testing using Phantom Js and Html unit

Headless browsers Cross browser testing for PhantomJS browser Cross browser testing for HTMLUnit browser What Is Headless Browser? A headless browser is a web-browser without a graphical user interface. A browser, which does not have any GUI it means which runs in the background Headless browser is used to simulate programs even though there is […]

Happy Path Testing: Successful credit card charges with Stripe & Java | Preview | Agile Testing:

► Java/Spring courses & guides ► Newsletter ► YouTube sub In this episode you will start with the simplest test-case, the happy path or success case. That means you will use one of the valid Stripe credit card test numbers/customer tokens and write a simple automated test to successfully simulate charging a customer’s credit card.