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Java Part 8 Switch and Loops

Switch case, for loop, while loop, do while loop, break statement

Android Developer Live Coding #11 – All about Unit Testing Coroutines and TDD!!!

Time stamps: 6:07 – One of my biggest tips for learning in general Kotlin if you plan to compile to the JVM! 9:50 – Ryan recaps where we left off from previous episodes, including where we got stuck last time, and what ended up being the solution 13:00 – Ryan gives a simple but angry […]

Coder Technologies – Best Java Training | Testing Training | .Net Training | Spoken English !

SQUAD Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (‘SQUAD’) is Mumbai’s first dedicated Professional Training Centre for Software Testing. The foundation of SQUAD is laid by Corporate Training Professionals, having mission to provide highly skilled and trained Software Professionals to IT companies. SQUAD is ‘Professional Training Centre’, not an ‘institute’ / ‘class’. SQUAD conducts career oriented, Professional Training-cum-Placement programs […]

AppMon Android Tracer: Trace Java method calls in android apps at runtime

Open-Source: Powered by: AppMon Android Tracer is a part of the AppMon project, it let’s you trace Java method calls in android apps. Tested on Dalvik Runtime upto Android KitKat. Support for Android Lollipop and above (Android Runtime; ART) is due soon. Tested on macOS 10.11.5 This video represents my personal opinions and is, in […]

Android Developer Live Q&A #58 – Interactors/Use Cases, Unit Testing Coroutines

Format – 2 Live shows per week: 1. Live Q&A (Sunday 10:00AM UTC -7): Live Q&A is directed towards beginner and intermediate Android/Java/Kotlin Developers with questions regarding said topics. As a self-taught developer, I never wanted anyone to do my work for me, but I could have benefited greatly by someone explain fundamentals and pointing […]