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Ubuntu 11.04: How to Install Sun-Java in Ubuntu Natty Narwhal

Well, Open Java is getting better, but I still want to use the Official Sun version. Here is a step-by-step on installing the Sun-Java package in natty.

Iota Messaging App Tutorial: Node JS (Part 1)

In this video I explain and test the initial part of a web messenger that uses the Iota tangle to send masked authenticated messages. If you have any question or want me to cover any other topics please let me know. Please like the video if you enjoyed as it helps out a lot. **Correction: […]

Easy JavaScript – Count Characters in HTML Textarea (32)

Welcome to the 32nd Easy JavaScript tutorial, part of EasyProgramming.net. Let’s practice by counting the number of characters a user is typing in our text box, as they are typing! You’ve probably seen this kind of setup in many websites. We’re going to use a few things that we’ve already used in the past, be […]

Java – How To Display Multidimensional Array Data Using For Loop In Java NetBeans [with source code]

Show 2D Array Values Using Java source code: All My Programming Projects Here — My Source Code Store — Java Course — visit our blog facebook: twitter: subscribe: programming projects with source…

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