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XHTML 1.0 tutorial 01 syntax

this tutorial covers XHTML 1.0 syntax. You will learn how to validate your xhtml document.

HTML syntax HTML5 Style Guide and Coding Conventions || 04 Class || WF Techno Ustad||

HTML Coding Conventions Web developers are often uncertain about the coding style and syntax to use in HTML. Between 2000 and 2010, many web developers converted from HTML to XHTML. With XHTML, developers were forced to write valid and “well-formed” code. HTML5 is a bit more sloppy when it comes to code validation. Thanks for […]

HTML Intro – Syntax and Formatting

Find code and diagrams at: HTML is a simple language that uses TAGs to tell browsers how text should be formatted. Capitalization does not matter in HTML White space does not matter in HTML Doctype Declaration used to be more important than it is now

XPath for Selenium WebDriver | Learn XPath syntax to build selenium locators

UDEMY: LINKS TO UDEMY COURSES Highest rated “Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners” course – Bestseller “XPath locators for Selenium” course – And to become Selenium pro, “Advanced Selenium WebDriver with Java and TestNG” course -…

CSE422: Getting Started With Python & (Python Vs Java Syntax) – Anaconda/Spyder

No Offense To Java Lovers, Java Is An Amazing Language & Has It’s Own Awesome Advantages This Channel Tries To Help You WIth The CSE Courses Of BRAC University. E.G. CSE111, CSE220, CSE320, CSE470 Etc. You Will Find Lectures, Solutions, Questions Related To The Course In The Provided Links. Facebook Page: Subscribe To This Channel […]