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Tutorial QF-Test: Java GUI Testing | Chapter 01 – Working with a Sample Test-Suite

The QF-Test Tutorial helps you working efficiently with the test automation tool QF-Test from the beginning. We provide it in written form as well: In this first chapter, we will have a look at a simple test-suite, explain its major elements, execute it and evaluate the result. 1 Working with a Sample Test-suite (1:46) 1.1 […]

Features QF-Test 4.2 – Java 9, PDF-Testen, REST, Angular, Smart GWT

QF-Test Version 4.2 verf├╝gbar mit Highlights: Java 9, PDF-Testen, REST, Angular, Smart GWT Homepage: Playlist: Highlights von QF-Test Version 4.2: – Java 9 Unterst├╝tzung (0:35) – PDF Dokumente Testen (0:41) – JavaScript als dritte neue Skriptsprache (neben Jython und Groovy) (1:12) – REST Services / SOAP (1:41) – Unit Tests (Integration von JUnit in QF-Test) […]

Overview | GUI Test Tool for Java and Web – QF-Test

QF-Test lets you easily create automated GUI tests for Java Swing, JavaFX, Eclipse / SWT / RCP and Web / AJAX applications. Playlist: Homepage: Download the full version for a free evaluation at and visit to request a four week free trial license. Welcome to a brief overview of the main characteristics and features of […]

Squish for Java: Automated GUI Testing – Webinar + Q&A HD

This webinar illustrates automated GUI testing with froglogic’s Squish for Java edition, automating against multiple platforms using a single set of tests. The live Q&A session is also included in the recording! Have another type of application? Java AWT/SWT/Fx, Qt, Qt/E, Web/Flex, Android, .NET, MFC, etc. Squish interacts similarly with each technology: recognizing actual objects, […]