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Top Functional Programming Languages 2004 – 2019 (based on Google Trends)

Follow me on Twitter: Programming languages included: OCaml, Scala, Haskell, Swift, Elm, Kotlin, Racket, Scheme, F#, Clojure, Elixir, Rust, Lisp, Erlang

Commit Porto '19: The Hitchhikers Guide Through Kotlin Multiplatform (Carlos Mota)

The Hitchhikers Guide Through Kotlin Multiplatform Since the early days of mobile that we keep seeing new frameworks being designed to overcome one of the biggest challenges: How can I develop for both Android and iOS? Although it’s initial promises, when we talk about performance, maintainability or even customization we keep discarding these solutions and […]

GDG Milano DevFest 2015: Kotlin: lo Swift di Android

Omar Miatello Kotlin: lo Swift di Android GDG Milano

Adrian Catalan & Cecilia Castillo – If your code looks like it’s Kotlin & quacks like …

The popularity and adoption of Kotlin has been rising after Android welcomed it as first class citizen on the platform. Swift has been following its own path to success the last couple of years. Both share many similarities and as both platforms has been converging, barriers to become fluent on native mobile apps for Android […]