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How to Work with SVGs in Figma, HTML, and CSS | Optimized SVG Icons

Learn how to work with SVGs to prepare SVG files for export in Figma, optimize them using SVGOMG, and inline them in HTML with dedicated CSS styles. Other Build UX How-Tos: View the Figma file for this how-to: Get the starter files for this how-to: SVG optimization tool…

How To Add SVG Image Animation on HTML CSS Website Tutorial

Learn How To Make A Website With SVG Animation Effect Using HTML and CSS Step By Step Tutorial for Beginner ► Subscribe Us: Please watch this step by step tutorials to the end to add SVG images on HTML Website and Animate SVG Files Using HTML And CSS Please hit the like button and ask […]

How to create button turn on/off in HTML and JavaScript

Tutorial Web Developer: JavaScript Can Change HTML Attributes This example changes the source of an HTML image, by changing the src attribute of an img tag

SVG Animation With Text Tutorial | HTML CSS

Today we are going to create an SVG animation using stroke dash array and stroke dash offset to create some really cool effects. We only need HTML and CSS for this effect. You can create the shapes and texts with Figma, Adobe XD or Adobe Illustrator. Let me know if you want to see more […]