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Exploring Java 9: The Key Parts by Venkat Subramaniam

Subscribe to Devoxx on YouTube @ Like Devoxx on Facebook @ Follow Devoxx on Twitter @ Java 8 brought along a significant paradigm shift. Java 9 improves upon a number of things from Java 8 while bringing significant additions. In this deep dive session we will explore a number of language and JDK changes that […]

Venkat Subramaniam: Kotlin for Java Programmers

There’s so much you know as a Java programmer and yet there is so much more that Kotlin offers. It’s a language that is built on strong foundations and, at the same time, brings along phenomenal concepts to favor low ceremony, fluency, sensible warnings, safe types, pragmatic mixture of object-oriented and functional programming, and so […]

Functional Programming in Kotlin – Venkat Subramaniam

Video from Devoxx Poland 2019. There are many reasons to adopt functional style of programming. One often touted reason is that it is better for concurrency. While that’s true, a more important reason is that functional style being declarative in nature reduces accidental complexity in code. In this presentation we will dive into the essence […]

Reactive programming in Java by Venkat Subramaniam

Reactive Programming in gaining a lot of excitement. Many libraries, tools, and frameworks are beginning to make use of reactive libraries. Besides, applications dealing with big data or high frequency data can benefit from this programming paradigm. Come to this presentation to learn about what reactive programming is, what kind of problems it solves, how […]