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[Arabic] Node JS #48- Socket.io – Start with Socket.io

صفحة القناة على الفيسبوك الصفحة الشخصية

# 10 Run On UI Thread Kotlin Android

we shall learn how to use runOnUiThread with an Example Android Application. runOnUiThread runs the specified action on the UI thread. If the current thread is the UI thread, then the action is executed immediately. If the current thread is not the UI thread, the action is posted to the event queue of the UI […]

#7 WebView Kotlin Android Tutorial

Android AlertDialog class is used to display a web page embedded in the Android Activity. The web page could be displayed in the same Android Application, without opening a browser window.

#6 AlertDialog in Kotlin Android

Android AlertDialog class is used to display a dialog box to alert the user with positive and negative buttons. Positive button is used to continue with the action specified. Negative button is used to dismiss the alerted action. You may provide your own custom code when positive or negative button is clicked.

Start with Kotlin in minutes! And learn about variables: val vs var

Sorry for the quality! I promise to improve it in future videos. Today we see how to create a project from scratch using Kotlin, and how to prepare a project that is already using Java to allow Kotlin code. Besides, we see some little differences of the type system when compared to Java, as well […]