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[Droidkast.LIVE] 4. Nate Ebel – What Android devs wish they had known when starting out

Join the new events: Learn Kotlin for Android from scratch: — Nate Ebel was our guest on Droidkast.LIVE! He’s an Android Engineer at Pixite Apps, speaker in many events and organizer of Droidcon Boston. Probably you know him through his youtube channel, goobar.io His talk was about what Android devs wish they had known when […]

CodeCademy Tutorial: HTML & CSS: Part 4

CodeCademy Tutorial: HTML & CSS: Part 4 Best Course To Learn React in 2018: Learn Advanced React and Redux: Take my course and learn JavaScript in 2018: Best book to learn the MEAN Stack: Best book on learning…

Java Swing Employee Salary Management System

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Kotlin & Spring Boot – Part 2 – Full Stack Distributed Systems

On this episode of Full Stack Distributed Systems, we fix our annoying bug preventing us from starting our fresh new service. Let’s fix that and add a tiny enhancement or two… Enroll today at Support us on Patreon at Find us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at And of course, you can find […]