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How to make social media buttons or icons

Today we are learn How to make/creat social media buttons or icons using font awesome icons, HTML and CSS . easy to add this icons or buttons to your website. Many icons are available there are listed below facebook, twitter, youtube, google, linkedin, instagram, pinterest, snapchat-ghost, skype, android, dribbble, vimeo, tumblr, vine, foursquare, stumbleupon, flickr, […]


Top 5 Programming languages in 2019 to get a job in IT Industry as Software Developer Or Software Tester are : JavaScript, JAVA, Python, C/CPP, PHP To Get the details of all programming languages notes please mail me to ayeshatechie@gmail.com

Canva: HTML Colour Codes & your brand pallette. Your brand colours in Canva.

How to find your html colour codes and how to create you brand palette in Canva. You can find more info about how we can help you at; www.socialmedia.small-business-handbook.com www.small-business-handbook.com www.facebook.com/thesmallbusinesshandbook

#2.5 Android Kotlin Tutorial: Share Data using Implicit Intent to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

Access 7000+ courses for 15 days FREE: Learn how to write code to share data outside app such as to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Gmail like social media applications. Next Video: Previous Video: Code Files: Check out my website: ➤ Donate and support us [Only if you think our courses are better…