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XML Sitemaps Versus HTML Sitemaps — Part 1: XML Sitemaps

In this video, learn what an XML Sitemap is and how it assists with SEO.

About HTML Site Maps – SEO Lunch

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Pittsburgh SEO Group – XML / HTML Sitemaps Tips

– Chris Hornak gives a few tips for properly setting up search engine (SEO) friendly XML / HTML site maps for a website. He describes how it helps a sites hierarchy and can help your pages get more thoroughly indexed.

79 SEO On page Optimization SITE LEVEL Factors HTML Sitemaps

This course is meant to teach the tips and tricks of freelancing in the simplest and effective way. The do`s and don`ts are discussed, about which a freelancer must be aware of. Introduction of different types of freelance marketplaces is given in this course. Web portals like Fiverr, Guru, and Freelancer are introduced and discussed […]

What is XML and HTML sitemaps in Digital Marketing | How Sitemaps will help in Website | DM – ExcelR

ExcelR: This Video tells about Sitemaps, XML and HTML sitemaps are created for different purposes, but both can help increase traffic to your website and improve its usability. Things you will learn in this video 1)What is XML sitemap 2)What is HTML sitemap 3)How HTML sitemap necessary for the menu bar 4)How XML sitemap gives […]