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Bossable.com – MEAN.js: Side By Side With Version 0.4.0

In this video tutorial we’ll compare the current version of MEAN.js and the upcoming version of the MEAN Stack to get an overview of the new folder structure as part of a sneak peak into version 0.4.0! Read more over on bossable.com: Also check out my 30 Day MEAN Stack Challenge – videos on YouTube […]

Haskell blogging time — reflex server side html rendering 1

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at

libGDX Kotlin client side: parsing JSON created on python3 server side [beginner tutorial]

0:00 python3 syntax 0:50 libGDX Kotlin syntax txt version: (par.4) other tutorials page link on github: youtube link:

How to make side Navbar, Menubar, Navigation bar using HTML and CSS

HTML tutorials and css tutorials How to make or creat side navbar or menu or animated navigation bar using HTML and CSS hoverable navbar

PHP strpos() server side validation. Why HTML form validation is insufficient

This video demonstrates why HTML form validation is insufficient. Anyone with a basic knowledge of the inspect element can circumvent any form validation such as the input type email to enter a non-valid email into a database. This video demonstrates how it can be done and some server- side PHP code to prevent it.