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Download and Install Selenium Webdriver for Java on Eclipse | Step by step

1. Java JDK download and install: 2. Eclipse download and install: Selenium is a free (open source) automated testing suite for web applications across different browsers and platforms. It is quite similar to HP Quick Test Pro (QTP now UFT) only that Selenium focuses on automating web-based applications. Testing done using Selenium tool is usually […]

Page Object Design Pattern Selenium WebDriver Part II (with Java and TestNG)

This is the second part of a two part series for understanding Page Object Design Pattern in Selenium WebDriver. This part explains the how your tests are made simple, short, and readable using Page objects and interaction between multiple pages.

Spring Boot REST API First session – 12 02 2020 – JAVA BY KIRAN | JAVA | SELENIUM | PYTHON

Java by Kiran – Spring Boot REST API EST has quickly become the de-facto standard for building web services on the web because they’re easy to build and easy to consume. There’s a much larger discussion to be had about how REST fits in the world of microservices, but – for this tutorial – let’s […]


Java by Kiran – JDBC MYSQL MySQL. JDBC. Driver. Connection URL: The connection URL for the mysql database is jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/sonoo where jdbc is the API, mysql is the database, localhost is the server name on which mysql is running, we may also use IP address, 3306 is the port number and sonoo is the database […]

Selenium Java for absolute beginners – 2

Core Java concepts for selenium automation Live workshop class Topics Covered in subsequent classes Core Java, Selenium, JUnit / TestNG, Cucumber, Maven/Gradle, GIT, Selenium Grid/Zelenium, Rest Assured, Logger / Extent Report, POI, Jenkins, CI/CD, BDD,TDD, Docker Integration of selenium with other open source or free tools