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Firebase Instagram Clone App Project – Save Pic – Kotlin Android Studio Tutorials for Beginners 2020

This is the video tutorial#22 for the android studio kotlin project instagram clone app which we are developing using firebase database , firebase authentication , firebase storage. In this video tutorial we will retrieve and display total number of posts. We will also allow users to save other users pictures to his profile in our […]

Java visual novel – work in progress – Save Menu

Yay, it is saving :3 Changes I remember right now (maybe not all): * Added mouse listener; * Changed the save mode; * Something like a Main Menu and logo; …

How to Save in SharedPreferences – Android Studio/Kotlin

How to Save in SharedPreferences – Android Studio/Kotlin In this lesson we study how to use Shared Preferences in Android to store data. We will use a SharedPreferences editor to save Strings and Integer but you can also save other data types like Boolean, Double, etc…

How to find Java Minecraft Save files on PC

This video is about how to find your Java Minecraft save files on PC for exporting, converting or editing in other software.

Blogger HTML Code not save | solve problem | blogger html code not edit or save

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