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6B. Java Basics for Selenium – Methods – Passing Strings and Returning Strings

In this video we will see how to create methods that takes strings a arguments and return string. We will also see how to call these methods.

Channel Trailer For Returning Visitors.

Welcome back to my channel where I create software tutorials; I want to share with you that starting January 2020, I will be making videos about Html and CSS. I created videos about wordpress, web hosting, domain, and more. Now I reached a dead end with using those skills only. This is why I am […]

Returning Multiple values from Kotlin Functions (Destructuring Declaration) and it's internals

We can return multiple values from a Kotlin function by following the syntax of Destructuring Declaration. In this video, we will explore how to do this and will also try to understand how Kotlin achieves this by making it JVM compatible. In this 10 mins video, you will learn multiple ways to use destructuring declaration […]

Adults Play Java – Returning to our Roots & Finding us a Home.

We return to our first love Minecraft Java on the Adults Play Java server an Adults Play Minecraft Network Server. —————————————————————————————— FIND ME ONLINE: Patreon: YouTube: TSnowCrash Twitter: @TSnowCrash PigmyGamer Twitter: @PigmyGamer Website: Adults Play Bedrock…

Java for Testers – Part 69 – Method Returning Values

In this video, I have explained and practically demonstrated Method Return Type and Returning Value to the Method Calling Statement in Java in detail.