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James Gosling about Java (with Q&A) – (MeetupVideo.com)

Video: Speaker: James Gosling James is talking about how Java started, and the exciting world it’s going to be creating in the future. – What is the Java programming language? – How old is Java? – Why is it called Java? —- SUBSCRIBE to get the latest meetup videos: —- Video by Meetupvideo ( )

Java, Kotlin, Android, Software Architecture Q&A #90 – A.M.A., How To Study Technical Books

Looking to learn more about Kotlin? Consider enrolling in my Beginner Kotlin Course: Check out my series on Medium for Programming Fundamentals: Android Open Curriculum project (Looking for translators!!!) Follow the wiseAss…

Q&A Featuring: My Nadula Hair

Hair done by: @kysociety on Instagram Link to hair:

Android Developer Live Q&A #46 – Android, Kotlin, Software Architecture, Gradle

Welcome to my livestream Q&A. It’s live, and it works best when you ask questions. I mostly do this for beginners (although I’m happy to chat about advanced topics with more senior devs), so if you’re a beginner, ASK SOME DAMN QUESTIONS. Kotlin Clean Calculator: Slack Channel: Kotlin…

Android Developer Live Q&A #59 – Android, Kotlin, Software Architecture, Gradle

**This episode was a giant trainwreck for audio (my microphone appears to have broken), so the audio doesn’t start until 11:30, and it’s from my shitty webcam mic. You have been warned. Format – 2 Live shows per week: 1. Live Q&A (Sunday 10:00AM UTC -7): Live Q&A is directed towards beginner and intermediate Android/Java/Kotlin […]