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HackerRank Java – Java Loops II

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course plan of kotlin programming languagebangla

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Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch – Chapter 30 – HTML CSS and intro to Layouts

Master server-side app development with the powerful Ruby on Rails. Learn the basics in this ruby on rails tutorial: – HTML CSS and intro to Layouts Get any Eduonix course at $9 use coupon code ”Youtube17”. Click here: ■ Thank You!!! A Comment would be appreciated 🙂 Also, Don’t forget to hit the “Like” button, […]

Scala Creator Martin Odersky: Scala 2.12 is all about Java 8 Compatibility

Scala Language creator Martin Odersky explains how the upcoming release of Scala 2.12 will complement the new Java features that arrived in version 8 of the platform. We also discuss what improvements are in the pipeline for Scala, the status of projects TASTY and Dotty, and where he sees parallels between Scala and Swift. Filmed […]

Top 10 Programming 2019| Python, Java , C++, Javascript, C#, Scala, Go

Hey guys, Top 10 Programming language demand in market and MNC company.so you can identify which language most popular now a days