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Java Program | Simple Calculator using nested if-else

I am using Cxxdroid app to run C/C++ program and Jvdroid to run Java program. In this video we will learn how to make a simple calculator using nested if else. Please like, comment & share. Subscribe for more video like this. You can also follow me on Instagram user name : prabhat__29. Thank you […]

Write a java program to check sum of odd digits

Write a program to read a number, calculate the sum of odd digits (values) present in the given number. Check Sum of Odd Digits in java Java Interview Programming problem

How to Run Java Program in Command Prompt for Windows/Mac Os – 2018

The video shows you how to install the java and how a java program can run in the Command Prompt or Execute Java Program Using Cmd. Steps: 1.Download and install Java Development Kit at the following link: 2. Search for the javac file location in C Drive and copy the path. 3. After copying the […]