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Sept. 12th – Wrapping Up HTML (Part 1)

The recording starts with a discussion about the online quizzes we will be doing in Software Developer 20S. Then, we discussed wrapping up HTML, which focused on text decoration tags and commenting HTML. We will have about 20 minutes at the beginning of tomorrow’s class to wrap up commenting the form.

Tutorial NodeJS Part 1 : Membuat Simple Server Di NodeJS

Divideo kali ini, saya akan membahas cara membuat simple server di node js tanpa harus bergantung pada apache dan nginx yang sejatinya menjadi web server populer. Di node js anda bisa membuat koneksi web server tanpa kedua alat tersebut.

HTML Tutorial For Beginners – Part 1

This is a basic HTML tutorial. Please comment, rate, and subscribe. If you have any questions please message or comment.

How to create a Guess the Word App in Android by using Kotlin Part 1 | Introduction of the App

Welcome to my other app creation series for beginners. So in this mini-course, you will learn a complete “Guess the Word App”. We will build this app from scratch starting from the creation of the design of the App by using XML in android studio. Then we will implement a Guess the Word Quiz App […]