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UBot Studio Tutorials v4 – 3 More UI HTML Panel Elements

This is an addendum video to the original tutorial on using the ui html panel. The original video can be found here:

32. How to design make admin panel page in HTML PHP, Frames in HTML, how to set target in frames

Queries Solved in this video 1. How to design make admin panel page in HTML PHP and MYSQL 2. how to make create simple admin panel design using html and css 3. frames in html In this video you will teach you how to create an admin panel and this is the third part of […]

How To Check Java Version in Windows 10 | Check Java Version using cmd & Control Panel

Hello Friends, In this video we are going to see, How To Check Java Version in your Laptop & computer. For more Java related video please check below links, *How to Install Java JDK 8 on Windows 10 | How to install Java Development Kit 32bit | 64 bit setup *How to Install Eclipse IDE […]

Contact us realtime notification on admin panel – Node JS (no refresh)

Almost every website has a contact us page from where visitors can ask questions or give feedback. That message will be received from admin side but admin has to refresh the page in order to see new message. Now you can use realtime notification using Node JS so that when user sends a message you […]

Admin Panel in HTML and CSS using FLEXBOX

Hey Everyone, I am Sumeet Pawar. So in this video we are goin to design a Admin Panel Using Flexbox.