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Write a java program to check whether given number is perfect square or not?

1) How to read a matrix from console in java? 2) How to remove duplicates from string in java?

Pick a number with Java

Hey! This next Java program is the game “Pick a number between 1 and 10”. It gives the user the option of continuing playing or not. I used a while loop and an …

200. Number of Islands [Java] – Leetcode

Problem – [00:05] – Question explanation Solution [01:10] – Algorithm and Code [08:50] – Time and space …

Number Pattern Program in Java

Number Pattern program for Java Beginners. Complete code by using for loop. #wowTekBin Also Watch: Installation of java JDK on windows and create & run first java program in cmd Swapping two numbers without using third variable in java Anagram Program in Java – How To Download Eclipse IDE for Java | Create Your First […]

Disarium Number in Java (using Recursion) | ISC Computer Science Class 11, 12

A disarium number is a number in which the sum of the digits to the power of their respective position is equal to the number itself. Example: 135 = 1^1 + 3^2 + 5^3 Hence, 135 is a disarium number. Design a class Disarium to check if a given number is a disarium number or […]