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What is Node JS | What is PHP | How To Choose between Node Js vs PHP

For more information: This is a question in many minds, As in the online advancement world, #Nodejs and #PHP are the most well-known #programminglanguages being used. Although both of these languages are able to manage the applications of any sort of complexity, they are being built around the different concepts & architectures. Here, we will […]

Why should I use node JS?

Why should I use node JS? What is Node used for? Node is primarily used for non-blocking, event-driven servers, due to its single-threaded nature. It’s used for traditional web sites and back-end API services, but was designed with real-time, push-based architectures in mind. Reference: Why Use Node? A Comprehensive Tutorial with Examples | Toptal Aug […]

Hello World Using Express FrameWork in Node.js

Node1:- how to use express FrameWork in node js Assuming you’ve already installed Node.js, create a directory to hold your application, and make that your working directory. $ mkdir GeekDemo $ cd GeekDemo Use the npm init command to create a package.json file for your application. For more information on how package.json works, see Specifics […]

Testing Node js with Mocha

A thorough introduction to the Mocha test framework by the maintainer of Mocha, and how to use it to test your Node.js applications.