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How to use the Java Robot Class

In this tutorial I will show you how to use the java robot class. We will change our deskop wallpaper, Java will draw something in paint for us and we will start a website in the browser. If you like what you saw, please leave me a like on this video. Thanks for watching! 🙂 […]

COMPUTER PAPER 1 | NTA NET| Full form of RAM, ROM, HTTP, HTML, CPU, WIFI, MOUSE | Gothrough Fine Art

Hello Friends, Welcome back to my youtube channel Gothrough Fine Art. Today I will discuss about all the full form of computer which is always asked in UGC NTA NET. If yiu want to crack your NET/ JRF THEN watch this video till the end to score highest marks in paper 1. Do support my […]

Selenium Webdriver Java || Mouse Hover in Selenium || Deep dive in actions class

This video will guide you How to Perform Mouse Hover in Selenium Webdriver using Actions class. In Selenium we have to perform mouse hover very frequently for AJAX applications. We will discuss below points in detail. 1. What is the difference between Action and Actions in Selenium? 2. Difference between action.build().perform() and action.perform() 3. The […]

Bonus IDEA Setting Zoom in out Kotlin

Bonus IDEA Setting Zoom in out Kotlin A 2019 SmartSimj Graphics production. This is a free video. I make such videos to share knowledge to everyone who might be in need of it. At the end of this video, one is expected to gain the following: (Deliverable) (1). Intellij Settings (Zoom Window in and out […]

Java – How To Get Mouse Coordinates In Java Using Eclipse [ with source code ]

Java Mouse Position Source Code: All My Programming Projects Here — My Source Code Store — Java Course — Programming Projects: visit our blog facebook: twitter: