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James Gosling about Java (with Q&A) – (MeetupVideo.com)

Video: Speaker: James Gosling James is talking about how Java started, and the exciting world it’s going to be creating in the future. – What is the Java programming language? – How old is Java? – Why is it called Java? —- SUBSCRIBE to get the latest meetup videos: —- Video by Meetupvideo ( )

Actions on Google Kotlin client library, por Wagner Messias

Desenvolva actions para o Google Assistant usando Kotlin

Android Meetup :: e-Legion, Revolut, JetBrains

e-Legion, Revolut и JetBrains приглашают Android-разработчиков поговорить о Kotlin/Native, архитектуре на RecylerView, работе с Firebase Job Dispatcher и Channels Coroutine. Программа: ​— Николай Иготти, JetBrains, Team Lead Kotlin/Native: «Kotlin/Native: технология и средства разработки» — Роман Яцына, Revolut, ведущий Android-разработчик:…

[Meetup.js Argentina] TDD y Javascript por Angel "Java" Lopez

Charla sobre TDD y su aplicación en Javascript a cargo de Angel “Java” Lopez

Kotlin in Android – Vasiliy Saenko [GDG Odessa Android Meetup]

Vasiliy Saenko – “Kotlin in Android”