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Kotlin Coroutines Introduction (Part 1), internal meetup at Godel Technologies

Запись внутреннего митапа Godel Technologies. Рассказчик – Вадим Высоцкий. Слайды можно найти тут: Мы обсудили следующие темы: почему стоит обратить внимание на Kotlin Coroutines; suspend functions и как они работают под капотом; запуск…

MPS Community Meetup 2019 – Simplified Packaging And Publishing of MPS Plugins

Simplified Packaging And Publishing of MPS Plugins by Sergej Koščejev (MPS Consultant) Compared to platforms like Java, JavaScript, or Ruby, packaging, publishing, and using MPS plugins involves more effort, or “friction.” To save on the effort to build the necessary build scripts, plugins are merged into large platforms (MPS extensions, mbeddr.platform) and the downstream projects […]

Java and Scala drops in the Cloud | Spilberg meetup

On the 29th of March we hosted a meetup on Java & Scala drops in the cloud. An event with two speakers who took us through microservices with Java and Scala and Google’s Cloud platform.

Kotlin/Everywhere – Inaugural Brighton Kotlin Meetup

This was the inaugural Brighton Kotlin meetup. At this meetup, Lee Turner a Senior Developer from Crunch gave a talk called “Kotlin At Crunch – 1 Year On” detailing how they have gradually been introducing Kotlin into their backend microservice development. The meetup is hosted and sponsored by Crunch who provided the pizza and drinks. […]