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REST Client with Java, Spring Boot and Object Mapping

REST Client that uses Object Mapping to load a POJO from a RestTemplate request.

OpenGL Shadow Mapping Tutorial – Parallel Split Shadow Maps | C++ & Java

In this Tutorial I present the theory and practical approach of Parallel Split Shadow Mapping with Directional Light. check out my costum OpenGL Engine Sourcecode on Github: further Tutorials: FFT Ocean Water: Uniform Buffer Objects:

HTML image map in 5 minutes | HTML tutorial | (Beginners)

HTML image mapping in 5 minutes for beginners. Image mapping in HTML allows pictures to be clickable in any shape. Follow the links to download some stuff you need : Gimp 2.0 Adobe Dreamweaver Thanks for watching and thumbs up , subscribe , comment if u like my tutorials. Good Luck !

Spring and Xstream Integration | Spring Object/XML Mapping | jaxb marshalling and unmarshalling

Java Source Code here: Click the below link to download the code: Github Link: Bitbucket…

How to Install a Garmin Europe Map Card on the Nuvi 1400 series with GPSCity

Learn how to install and verify your European maps in the Garmin nuvi 1450 and other nuvi series. You can save points and plan your trip overseas from the comfort of your living room. To install the maps take the micro SD card out of the SD adapter, then put the card in the memory […]