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[Java Tutorial] StringTokenizer – Splitting Sentences to words!

Learn how to use the StringTokenizer, and how to effectively split sentences and groups of numbers into individual words / numbers! This is a very easy to follow tutorial, and is very effective from simple applications to programming competitions like DWITE and Waterloo’s Computing Contest (CCC). If you enjoyed this video, be sure to show […]

HTML Tutorial 14 – Changing Page Background Color

In this tutorial, we talk about how to change a webpage’s background to either a different color or to an image, using two different attributes for the “body” tag. The “bgcolor” attribute is used to change the background color of a webpage, and can be set using either a color name or using a hex […]

How to make a website using HTML & Dreamweaver Tutorial

Here is short video Tutorial training on how to create web pages using HTML & Dreamweaver What is HTML ? HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, It is a Language used to write web pages, what ever you see on any website, it has been written in HTML. It is used to make a […]

How to html code – html tutorial – build a basic html5 website with notepad. (Beginner) Part2

Dowload the example files here: How to HTML code? Great html tutorial. In this tutorial we explain you how to develop a basic website, in other words website development. We also show how to make a stylesheet in css 3. In the next tutorial we build the website from scratch and we show you how […]

How to create a free real HTML website

This guide will show you how to make your own website for free, using free software and services only. Mozzila Seamonkey: Blade FTP: Free .co.cc domains: Free 1.5 gb + ad-free webhosting: Google Analytics: I will soon make a tutorial how to edit templates and css designs which you can find on the internet.