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Frustrated of code-errors ? Master Coding with Coding Blocks Online – Best code learning platform

Join Coding Blocks to learn C++, Java, Android, Machine learning, Node.JS from IITs, IIITs, DTU, NSIT & GSoC Mentors. Announcing Scholarship Tests for Online and Offline Batches on 21st October ! Take free trial – Register for C++/Java/Python foundation programs test – CAST Advanced courses like Data Structures and Algorithms in C++Java, Competitive Programming, Machine […]

Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) By Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) – JAVA 8 Tutorial

Website + download source code @ | TSP By ACO w/ File Input @

Python : 5 Methods Image Processing matplotlib, openCV, imageio, Pillow Using PyCharm

Python : 5 Methods Image Processing matplotlib, openCV, imageio, Pillow by Using PyCharm —— Do you want more tutorials about ? 1) Python 2) JAVA 3) Excel 4) Power BI 5) VBA? —————- here the link to the source code on github : or this link : ——– for more details : mouradexcelvbapro@gmail.com Skype: qwemour […]


Top 5 Programming languages in 2019 to get a job in IT Industry as Software Developer Or Software Tester are : JavaScript, JAVA, Python, C/CPP, PHP To Get the details of all programming languages notes please mail me to ayeshatechie@gmail.com

Kotlin/Everywhere, Android Dark Theme in Flutter, & Kubernetes apps

TL;DR 157 | The Google Developer News Show Kotlin/Everywhere → Add to Home screen mini-infobar → Android Dark Theme in Flutter → Kubernetes apps on GCP Marketplace → Developer Student Clubs → Here to bring you the latest developer news from across Google is Developer Advocate Todd Kerpelman. Tune in every week for a new […]