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Selenium Lesson 4: Overview of Java Programming|Java for Selenium|G C Reddy|

Automated Testing using Selenium, Java Programming for Selenium Testing, Types of Java Editions, Core Java, Advanced Java and Java Micro Edition. Java Standard Edition or Core Java for Selenium, Comments in Java, Java Data Types, Java Modifiers, Java Variables, Java Operators, Java Control Flow Statements, Java Conditional Statements, Java Loop Statements, Java Branching Statements, Java […]

PHP Tutorial 23 – Embedding HTML And PHP (PHP For Beginners)

There are many ways to output a response inside of your HTML and this video will investigate the different methods that you can use. The easiest way is to use single quotes but we can also stop and start our PHP script without causing errors in If Statements or Loops. For more information, check out […]

Kotlin Tutorial: Companion Objects

We talk a little about companion objects and implement them at a high level in our Kotlin application

Computer Science 2210: Lesson 10- Uses of Hexadecimal- Color Codes in HTML

In this lesson, you will learn how hexadecimal is used to specify colors of webpage elements via HTML. URL to color APP:

Custom Prompt Box Programming JavaScript CSS HTML Tutorial

Lesson Code: Learn to create custom prompt boxes to replace the default prompt dialog box in JavaScript. See the custom alert box programming tutorial for in depth explanations about the structure of the code used in this tutorial. Click the link below to read the article about using bracket notation to allow functions to be […]